Four Tips To Bidding On Flooring Jobs

Successfully bidding on flooring jobs involves a sense of business acumen and at All County Flooring we’ve got plenty of experience. In time, you’ll figure out which jobs your company is most qualified for and most likely to win. Additionally, when it comes to competitive bidding, there’s no better phrase than “picking your battles” — here’s how to bid on flooring jobs successfully.

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Choosing a Project You’re Suited For

If a potential client needs carpet and you’ve only got tile, well, you’ve got to think outside the box. Though this is an oversimplification, you must consider which potential commercial flooring contracts are within the scope of reality for your business. Above all, consider your profit margins.

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Your Bid Should Be Thorough

When your bid is thorough, keeping all considerations in mind, it shows the client that you are doing more than submitting an application. The more specific you can be, the more you can provide a trustworthy impression. Try including a quantity takeoff for the sake of transparency.

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Be Realistic With Timelines

No client wants to hear that their commercial flooring contractors are weeks behind schedule. If you’re realistic in your project timeline you will have a more satisfied client in the end. Your client will appreciate accuracy in every regard, so it’s best to be up-front.

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Add A Cover Letter To Your Proposal

It’s a job interview, after all. A neat and professional cover letter with your logo and a polished paragraph highlighting your competitive advantages will do a number in terms of putting you ahead of the competition.

Bidding on flooring jobs involves intensive preparation and an honest analysis of your own company’s capabilities. Be clear in your proposal, honest in your timeline, and genuine in your cover letter. Check out our project consultation services and contact All County Flooring today!

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