Commercial Flooring Services

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  • Material Sales, CMAS Purchasing, and Professional installation
  • Flooring assessment and inspection
  • Floorcovering demolition and disposal
  • Carpet recycling program
  • Planetary grinding, shot blasting, crack, and joint mitigation
  • Moisture control system application
  • Poured cementitious cements to flatten and smooth substrates and subfloors
  • Union-trained and manufacturer-certified installation crews
  • High-performance carpeting
  • Rubber flooring
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Luxury vinyl tile or plank
  • Sport flooring – weight rooms
  • Multi-purpose cafeteria flooring
  • Commercial sheet vinyl
  • Floor Logos
  • Slip-resistant safety flooring
  • Resilient heat and cold welding of seams and integral coving
  • Stairwell management systems with visual impairment stripes
  • Cubicle and Office lift system installations.


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Proper planning, scheduling, mobilization and installation is the formula for a long-term flooring installation. There are many key elements for a successful flooring project and we can assist you on your project.

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Budgets, Bids, Proposal PricinG

Budgets, Bids, and Qualified Proposals are Very Important.

Choosing the correct floor covering product and installation company can be the difference between a short term failure or long term installation success.

Best Value

Does not always equal lowest cost - Lowest cost does not always equal best value.

Cheap Products

Are very expensive and proven products can offer the longest life cycle and best return for your dollars spent per sq. ft.

All County Provides Direct Detailed Professional Proposals

We line item our proposals. We list the scope, provide layout, manufacturer, style, sizing, installation process, line item details, inclusions exclusions, warranties, ad alternates/deducts (if requested) and proposal pricing.

ACF Direct Proposals

Depending on the scope of the project All County Flooring can offer extended labor warranties. Please contact us for more information about our program.

Qualified Proposal-Bid

Any proposals should always have a detailed, line it flooring proposal. In a multiple bid situation all proposals should call out product details, labor provided, installation guidelines so each bid is equal and can be clearly defined and understood flooring contractor is providing, so the clients expectations are met by the awarded contractor.

Low Bid Problems

If an unqualified proposal bid is accepted, the qualified contractor who wasn't awarded the project isn't the only loser. The client becomes the biggest loser. The outcome of an unqualified bid can lead to products they don't want, are unproven materials (inferior quality),offer unqualified labor, details of workmanship, the lack of floor preparation and disregard of specified product specifications. All the pitfalls leads to a shorter life span of your newly installed project.

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